CitroŽn D

My Introduction to CitroŽn was as a very young lad.
CitroŽn is the first car I remember.
My Father had a CitroŽn Big Six, metallic grey in colour.
I remember that it had some sponge rubber taped with Elastoplast over the knob for the front opening window as there were no seat belts in those days!!

My second encounter was with a DS in South Africa and we travelled from Johannesburg to Elim near the border with Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). It was in the days of the 1974 "oil shock" when fuel stations closed at 1700hrs on Friday until Monday mornings. We ran out of petrol, and had to wait for some to be brought to us

DS Out of Gas
We've Run Out!!

In 1980 I was visiting friends in Clermot-Ferrand, and drove an ancient 2CV van. It's speedometer was attached to the steering column. I am not sure if this was standard.
I do remember thinking it was a fun car as I made my way around the steets of Clermont-Ferrand
deux chevaux

From 1994 until my departure for Australia I owned a Xantia Turbo Diesel as my fun car. It has the wonderful oleo-pneumatic suspension, like the "D" pictured above. Superb!!

My first CitroŽn was BX19 and I used it as a taxi.

It was a 1991 BX19 TGD

The latest addition to the CitroŽn range in New Zealand is the:-


I have a picture sent to me by the sales manager for the local dealership.

Here's Greg, his wife, and the new model. (In the background is part of the land I used to farm near Akaroa)

1998 Gymkhana- Canterbury

Have a look at


CitroŽn ConnectionThe CitroŽn Connection

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