My first motor car was a 1939 Ford V8 Coupé. I bought it whilst still at school and it kept me poor, EVEN with petrol at 36cents per gallon.

I started my working life with a Ford Dealership in Christchurch.
Whilst working for Hutchinson Motors (as it was then) I always said I would not buy ONE OF THESE!

Ford New Zealand offers a number of vehicles for sale in New Zealand, and you may want to see what is on offer. The large cars are mainly sourced from Australia.
Ford Falcons are the most popular vehicles for use as taxicabs in Australia. In my early farming days I owned a couple of Falcon Utes (XC and XD models)
In New Zealand they are gaining popularity as they are now factory fitted with dual fuel, petrol and LPG. Once I arrived in Australia I bought a 1994 Ford Falcon Gli Wagon.
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