I have owned two vehicles from the Australian branch of the General Motors Family, One the genuine Holden Australia product
another, a Holden "rebadge" Rodeo.
Isuzu badges were under the Holden stick ons.

Farm Stuff
Rodeo 4wd

1981 Holden Rodeo

The first Japanese Diesel 4WD readily available in New Zealand. Competitors followed soon afterwards with release of their diesels. The Rodeo had a 1900cc motor, 4 speed gearbox, manual freewheeling hubs, and independent front suspension, so was pleasant to drive on and off road.
I purchased the Rodeo new and it travelled 160,000 trouble free kilometres, much of it off-road on the farm.

My next Holden I purchased second hand and it was my first taxicab. It was a 1988 VN Commodore Station Wagon. The vehicle itself was good but, unfortunately the V6 motor had an annoying timing chain "thrash." This motor originally of Buick design was, I think, intended as a stationary motor for irrigation and the like in the USA.
Also the brakes were atrocious, needing a real heave on the brake pedal to bring the car to a stop. I fitted softer disc pads to try and improve the problem.Subsequent models were modified. The car is pictured with Blue Star Taxis earlier style livery.
1988 VN Commodore
General Motors in New Zealand has been renamed Holden New Zealand.

Oh to get "real" GM products again! .................. Chevvies and Pontiacs
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