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My everyday vehicle I operated as a taxicab was a:


The 1993 Peugeot 405SRDT pictured had travelled 330,000 kilometres since the end of 1993. It hasn't missed a beat. The reliability of a diesel engine!!

Some notable landmarks maintenance for the car have been :
Original clutch replaced at 218,000 Kilometres
Water pump replaced at 225,000 Kilometres.

REMEMBER! -- this car was used as a work horse, and had the doors open and close (normally slammed!) about 50 times a day.
My first ride in a Peugeot was in a 403 sedan owned by a friend. I recall thinking what a solid beast it was.
My first drive of this marque was in South Africa and I drove a friends 404. This model was very popular there in the '70's having done well in rallies.

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